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(Name), born in Grugok on Desember 27th 1989, is a daughter from the couple (name) and (Name). She lives in Grugok, Gandapura, Bireuen District. The elementary school was finished at SDN 7 Lingka Kuta in 2002, and the Junior High School at MTsN Model Gandapura in 2005, 
and the Senior High School at SMAN 1 Gandapura in 2008. By the year 2008, she was accepted as a student of English Department of Teacher Training and Education Faculty of Almuslim University, Matangglumpangdua. The graduate degree (sarjana pendidikan) was obtained in 2015. The thesis entitled “Improving Students’ Writing Narrative Text by Using Student’s Personal Experience (A Collaborative Classroom Action Research at the First Year Students of SMAN 1 Gandapura).

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