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The Recipe of Potato Cakes (Perkedel Kentang)

Yesterday I made the Potato cakes in my home. It the first time I made it. But I think It is success because this was delicious. To make the potato cakes was so easy because it is used the easy ingredients that easy to found at market. There are the recipe to make Potato cakes Ingredients: 1/2 of potatoes, cut it and fry until soft 2 of eggs fry onion and garlic onion Celery leaves and leek, sliced them Salt Pepper powder Flavoring, I used Masako rasa Ayam Oil How to make: First, mashed the fry potatoes by using spoon or fork sampai smooth. Then add of fry onion, garlic onion, salt, pepper powder, flavoring and egg. Mix until averaged and then add the slice of celery leaves and leeks. Mix again. After it mix, take the dough and form the dough that you like, but I form that in round flat. After finish, heat the oil, dip the round dough into egg whisk then fry into oil. Fry that until reddish yellow. Lift it and the potato cakes ready to eat.


Indonesia rich of many variety of typical culinary. So that one type of culinary can become many version in each province. Example the goat and cow sate. In my country, the famous sate are Sate Apaleh in Geurugok and Sate Matang. Both of that Sate has the only characteristics. Both of them is so delicious to eat with your family. Sate was present with soup soto and peanut sauce

Pepper And It Benefits In Daily Life

Lada( pepper) have Latin name as "Piper Albi Linn" is A plants that rich of chemical contents like pepper oil, fat oil and starch. Pepper is little bitter, spicy, warm and antipyretic. This plants has began found and known since ten of Century. In general, people kuat known white pepper and black pepper that often used as spices kitchen. This plants is one of trading communities and more of 80 percent the product of pepper In Indonesia was exported to other countries. Pepper is also have named as The King Spice which the needs of pepper In the world achieved hundreds of tons peryear. Pepper is one of plants that breeding by seeds. Although many Farmers more choose to di cutting for multiply it. The parts of pepper plants consist of rod, root, brqnch and leaf. Pepper can plant In your house yard. You can take advantages of your yard house. You can follow this way if you want to plant pepper at your home. The things that you must attent is about cropping media. You c

All about Pinang

Pinang is similar palma that growing in the pasific area, Asia, and East Africa. In English was known as Betel Palm or Betel Nut Tree and the latin name is Areca Catechu. Pinang has the straight slim rod. That's rod can reach 25 cm height with a diameter 1K 15 cm. The midrid leaves like tubular that have 80 cm length. The cob interest with seludang that long and easy loss showed up below the leaves that has 75 cm length more or less with hort stalk double branced. The pinang fruit like th overturned ovoid that length. It has orange colour with 3,5 to 7 cm length. Pinang usually is planted to used the seeds. That seeds was known as one of a mixture of eat ''sirih''. The pinang seeds contains of Alkaloida like Arecaine and Arecoline that are toxin and adictive that can stimulate the brain. The else substances n pinang are Arecaidine, Colidine, Guracine, Guvacoline and some other elements. In traditional, the pinang seeds are used in herb to treat dysentery,

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit was grouped In plants cactus family. Although this plants known was come from Meksico, Middle America and South America. On 1980, the French brougth the dragon fruit from Guyana to Vietnam as A ornament plants. Because this fruit has A sweet taste, this fruit was consumed widely In Vietnam and China. In Indonesia, the dragon fruit was populer on 2000. Now, there are the types of the dragon fruit that was cultivated. That are: Hylocereus undatus. This types has red skin with the white flesh Hylocereus Polyrhicus. This types has red skin with the red flesh Hylocereus Costaricencis. This types has red skin with the solid red rather purplish flesh Hylocereus Megelanthus. This types has yellow skin with white flesh.       The dragon fruit's cultivation is suitable In climate condition and Indonesia mature. The plantbof dragon fruit can reproduced by generative or vegetative ways. By generative is by increased the plants by the seeds. The seeds was take

Jarak Leaf (Daun Jarak)

Good night all..This night I Will share the information about Jarak Leaf. Jarak Leaf has the Latin name as Ricinus Communis. It is an annual plants that usually Life In forest, vacant land, beach area but it is also bred In the plantation. Jarak plant is the source of Castor oil, and contains of ricin substance. That are A type of deadly poison. Jarak plants is the only one that has the seeds that rich of hydroxy fatty acids. That is Ricinoleat. Because of that, the Jatropha oil has the stable viscosity In high temperatur, so thaa the Jatropha oil used as lubricants mix. Jarak Leaf has many benefits for us. There are one of then: Overcome the constipation Reduce the heat for baby Treat the ringworm Increase the vitalitas for men Treat the rheumatism

Mengkudu (Boh Keumeudee)

Good morning Stemian. How are you today?? Today, I want to share about mengkudu. Mengkudu has Latin name as Morinda Citrifolia and In Aceh they called Boh Keumeudee. This plant grown up In lowland . The height of the tree reach 3 -8 meters high. Mengkudu has many nutrition that can used as treat the diabetes. The nutrition like vitamin, Natural fibers, potassium, calcium, phosphor and the else nutrition is very usefull for our body health. There are the benefits of Mengkudu for our body: Consumed the mengkudu can increase the imun body or body endurance, because In Mengkudu contains of the antioxidant. Mengkudu can prevent the spread of cancer cells In the body Mengkudu can prevent the malignant tumors Mengkudu can used as The herbal that treat cough, flu, cold, fever and stomach. Mengkudu is can relieve the pain Mengkudu can prevent heart disease Mengkudu can counteracting the free radical Mengkudu can accelerate wound healing process Mengkudu can increase stamina Men

Klutuk Guava ( Jambu Klutuk) for treat many disease

Guava has latin name as Psidium Guajava. That plant is the tropic plant that come from Brazil, that was distributed in Indonesia through Thailand. Guava has the green fruits with white or red flesh of fruit. Their taste is acid and sweet. The guava known contains of  many vitamins and fibers. So that, it is suitable consume to keep your health. The red flesh on guava indicates that guava rich of vitamin A to eye healthy and antioxidan. Guava was believed can use as treat the disease. That are the benefits of guava to treat the disease: 1. Guava for medicine of mumps 2. Guava for asthma 3. Guava for cure of irritable colon 4. Guava for cure of uric acid 5. Guava for cure of cholesterol 6. Guava for treat the diarrhea 7. Guava for cure of flu 8. Guava for toothache medicine 9. Guava for streng the immune system 10. Guava for drug of colitis 11. Guava for diabetes medication 12. Guava for medicine of hair loss 13. Guava for treat acnes and ulcers 14. Guava for fever me

Boh Kleng in Aceh

How are you today? I hope you fine. Today I will share about one fruit that I believed that you was familiar with that. Ya..jamblang or in Aceh known as Boh Kleng. In Aceh, it is usually found when independent day on august 17. I don't know why that fruits is many when that event day. This fruits usually eat by mix of brown sugar, tamarind, and soy sauce. Jamblang has name latin as Syzygium Cumini. The jamblang plant was included in guava tribe. Jamblang is one of tropic fruits that contains of vitamin and mineral. The part of their fruits, seed, tree bark and leaf has the efficacy that can be used in traditional treatment to cure various desease. There are 9 of benefits of Jamblang (Boh Kleng) that I known: Good for diabetics Maintain the heart health Increase the endurance and bone strength Reduce the risk of getting cancer Treat the infection Maintain the heart healthy naturally Eliminate bad breath naturally Rich of iron Help to cure the acnes

Wind fir

Good noon blogger..How are you today??I always Hope you are fine. Yesterday, I and my family went to the beach..I taken the wind fir photo at that beach..and I wanna  to explain about that plant. Wind fir has Latin name as Casuarina junghuhniana. That plant is the fir species that look different from the other of fir. The characteristics of the wind fir plants are they have long leaf and very thin. The leaf is also not very heavy so that its look Smooth, slim, and they are move follow the wind. The plant of wind fir can planting In all Indonesia area. That includes at lowland. It is usually plant at the beach..It is help the erution of the sea.

The Custom Fruits Of Aceh

Good night Stemian.. Tonigth I will share the information about Rumbia Fruits or in Aceh called Boh Meuria. Who is not know that fruits. In Aceh, this fruits usually eat with patarana or Pliek. I believed that you ever taste of that. Rumbia or usually the people also called sago tree (pohon sagu) is a name of a kind of palma that produced the flour. Rumbia grown at fresh water swamp, river flow or the else boredom land. In forest area until about 700 m height. In the suitable area, rumbia can form the garden or large sago forest. The villagers is usually use the leaf of Rumbia plant for roof, the coottage rooftop in garden or rice fields. The sago tree has the fruits. that are call Rumbia fruits. Rumbia fruits or boh meuria has latin name as Metroxylon sagu. Te Rumbia fruits is likely Salak.The Rumbia fruits has the large scale, the taste is chelate but if it was old their taste a little sweet.