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All about Pinang

Pinang is similar palma that growing in the pasific area, Asia, and East Africa. In English was known as Betel Palm or Betel Nut Tree and the latin name is Areca Catechu. Pinang has the straight slim rod. That's rod can reach 25 cm height with a diameter 1K 15 cm. The midrid leaves like tubular that have 80 cm length. The cob interest with seludang that long and easy loss showed up below the leaves that has 75 cm length more or less with hort stalk double branced. The pinang fruit like th overturned ovoid that length. It has orange colour with 3,5 to 7 cm length.

Pinang usually is planted to used the seeds. That seeds was known as one of a mixture of eat ''sirih''. The pinang seeds contains of Alkaloida like Arecaine and Arecoline that are toxin and adictive that can stimulate the brain. The else substances n pinang are Arecaidine, Colidine, Guracine, Guvacoline and some other elements.

In traditional, the pinang seeds are used in herb to treat dysentery, diarrhea, and scabies. Now, th pinang seeds already as trading community. The export from Indonesia have routed to the South Asia countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. The pinang that was traded is in form dry seeds, in intact state or was cleaved.

The advantages of pinang sirih are:
  1. Can drive the wind
  2. Can kill the worms
  3. Can eliminate sputum
  4. Can eliminate bad breath
  5. Can as detox
  6. Can beautify the mouth
  7. Can increase the passion