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Boh Kleng in Aceh

How are you today? I hope you fine. Today I will share about one fruit that I believed that you was familiar with that. Ya..jamblang or in Aceh known as Boh Kleng. In Aceh, it is usually found when independent day on august 17. I don't know why that fruits is many when that event day. This fruits usually eat by mix of brown sugar, tamarind, and soy sauce.
Jamblang has name latin as Syzygium Cumini. The jamblang plant was included in guava tribe. Jamblang is one of tropic fruits that contains of vitamin and mineral. The part of their fruits, seed, tree bark and leaf has the efficacy that can be used in traditional treatment to cure various desease.

There are 9 of benefits of Jamblang (Boh Kleng) that I known:
  1. Good for diabetics
  2. Maintain the heart health
  3. Increase the endurance and bone strength
  4. Reduce the risk of getting cancer
  5. Treat the infection
  6. Maintain the heart healthy naturally
  7. Eliminate bad breath naturally
  8. Rich of iron
  9. Help to cure the acnes