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Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit was grouped In plants cactus family. Although this plants known was come from Meksico, Middle America and South America. On 1980, the French brougth the dragon fruit from Guyana to Vietnam as A ornament plants. Because this fruit has A sweet taste, this fruit was consumed widely In Vietnam and China.

In Indonesia, the dragon fruit was populer on 2000. Now, there are the types of the dragon fruit that was cultivated. That are:
  1. Hylocereus undatus. This types has red skin with the white flesh
  2. Hylocereus Polyrhicus. This types has red skin with the red flesh
  3. Hylocereus Costaricencis. This types has red skin with the solid red rather purplish flesh
  4. Hylocereus Megelanthus. This types has yellow skin with white flesh. 
     The dragon fruit's cultivation is suitable In climate condition and Indonesia mature. The plantbof dragon fruit can reproduced by generative or vegetative ways. By generative is by increased the plants by the seeds. The seeds was taken by issued the seeds from the selected fruit. This way is A little difficult and usually done by the cultivated experienced. While In vegetative is more used because it is more easy. In this way, the dragon fruit is more fast to produce the fruits. This plants Will produce the fruits if the plants was achieved the age about 1 - 2 years and the fruit can be curved when the fruit achieved 50 days age after flower bloomed. This dragon fruits plant Will produce the fruits until 30 years age more.