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Jarak Leaf (Daun Jarak)

Good night all..This night I Will share the information about Jarak Leaf.
Jarak Leaf has the Latin name as Ricinus Communis. It is an annual plants that usually Life In forest, vacant land, beach area but it is also bred In the plantation. Jarak plant is the source of Castor oil, and contains of ricin substance. That are A type of deadly poison. Jarak plants is the only one that has the seeds that rich of hydroxy fatty acids. That is Ricinoleat. Because of that, the Jatropha oil has the stable viscosity In high temperatur, so thaa the Jatropha oil used as lubricants mix.

Jarak Leaf has many benefits for us. There are one of then:
  1. Overcome the constipation
  2. Reduce the heat for baby
  3. Treat the ringworm
  4. Increase the vitalitas for men
  5. Treat the rheumatism