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Klutuk Guava ( Jambu Klutuk) for treat many disease

Guava has latin name as Psidium Guajava. That plant is the tropic plant that come from Brazil, that was distributed in Indonesia through Thailand. Guava has the green fruits with white or red flesh of fruit. Their taste is acid and sweet. The guava known contains of  many vitamins and fibers. So that, it is suitable consume to keep your health. The red flesh on guava indicates that guava rich of vitamin A to eye healthy and antioxidan.

Guava was believed can use as treat the disease. That are the benefits of guava to treat the disease:

1. Guava for medicine of mumps
2. Guava for asthma
3. Guava for cure of irritable colon
4. Guava for cure of uric acid
5. Guava for cure of cholesterol
6. Guava for treat the diarrhea
7. Guava for cure of flu
8. Guava for toothache medicine
9. Guava for streng the immune system
10. Guava for drug of colitis
11. Guava for diabetes medication
12. Guava for medicine of hair loss
13. Guava for treat acnes and ulcers
14. Guava for fever medicine
15. Guava for drugs of increase platelets
16. Guava for lose weight
17. Guava for overcome the smell of feminine areas