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Mengkudu (Boh Keumeudee)

Good morning Stemian. How are you today?? Today, I want to share about mengkudu. Mengkudu has Latin name as Morinda Citrifolia and In Aceh they called Boh Keumeudee. This plant grown up In lowland . The height of the tree reach 3 -8 meters high.
Mengkudu has many nutrition that can used as treat the diabetes. The nutrition like vitamin, Natural fibers, potassium, calcium, phosphor and the else nutrition is very usefull for our body health.

There are the benefits of Mengkudu for our body:
  1. Consumed the mengkudu can increase the imun body or body endurance, because In Mengkudu contains of the antioxidant.
  2. Mengkudu can prevent the spread of cancer cells In the body
  3. Mengkudu can prevent the malignant tumors
  4. Mengkudu can used as The herbal that treat cough, flu, cold, fever and stomach.
  5. Mengkudu is can relieve the pain
  6. Mengkudu can prevent heart disease
  7. Mengkudu can counteracting the free radical
  8. Mengkudu can accelerate wound healing process
  9. Mengkudu can increase stamina
  10. Mengkudu can treat the diabetes
  11. Mengkudu can lowering high blood pressure
  12. Mengkudu can treat arthritis
  13. Mengkudu can prevent the rheumatism and muscle aches
  14. Mengkudu Can make the skin Smooth.