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Pepper And It Benefits In Daily Life

Lada( pepper) have Latin name as "Piper Albi Linn" is A plants that rich of chemical contents like pepper oil, fat oil and starch. Pepper is little bitter, spicy, warm and antipyretic. This plants has began found and known since ten of Century. In general, people kuat known white pepper and black pepper that often used as spices kitchen. This plants is one of trading communities and more of 80 percent the product of pepper In Indonesia was exported to other countries.

Pepper is also have named as The King Spice which the needs of pepper In the world achieved hundreds of tons peryear. Pepper is one of plants that breeding by seeds. Although many Farmers more choose to di cutting for multiply it. The parts of pepper plants consist of rod, root, brqnch and leaf.
Pepper can plant In your house yard. You can take advantages of your yard house. You can follow this way if you want to plant pepper at your home.
  1. The things that you must attent is about cropping media. You can plant it In land lush which not so dry or so wet.
  2. Choose good seeds pepper that has good quality. It seeds can take from the health pepper plant and freebof pest.
  3. It would be netter if you plant it on the rainy season.
  4. Prepare the pole as propagation media because this plants includes In vines. Clean the plants from twigs leaves which was attacked bugs.
  5. If the plants enter 3 years old, it Will produce seeds pepper which is you Harvest.

Pepper was marketer In two types, they are white and black peppers. They has different way when they are Harvest. Black pepper was produce if the pepper picked before mature and then they dried until black. After that the pepper was soaked In water until they skin chipped. While white pepper just pick if the pepper has mature then it was washed by using running water.

Pepper is not only use as kitchen Spice but it has many advantages for health. That are:
  1. Increase the digestive
  2. Can help loosen the road respirator for asthma
  3. Contains of good antioxidant
  4. Stimulate the transpiration
  5. Warm the body
  6. Treat the headache
  7. Stimulate the spend of hormone androgen and desterogen.
Thus, the information about pepper. Hope this be many advantages for you. Thanks..