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The Custom Fruits Of Aceh

Good night Stemian.. Tonigth I will share the information about Rumbia Fruits or in Aceh called Boh Meuria. Who is not know that fruits. In Aceh, this fruits usually eat with patarana or Pliek. I believed that you ever taste of that.

Rumbia or usually the people also called sago tree (pohon sagu) is a name of a kind of palma that produced the flour. Rumbia grown at fresh water swamp, river flow or the else boredom land. In forest area until about 700 m height. In the suitable area, rumbia can form the garden or large sago forest. The villagers is usually use the leaf of Rumbia plant for roof, the coottage rooftop in garden or rice fields. The sago tree has the fruits. that are call Rumbia fruits.

Rumbia fruits or boh meuria has latin name as Metroxylon sagu. Te Rumbia fruits is likely Salak.The Rumbia fruits has the large scale, the taste is chelate but if it was old their taste a little sweet.