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The best English Thesis Title

The best English Thesis Title

1. Increasing the Students Reading Comprehension Achievement through Questioning Technique

2.  The Influence of Student Vocabulary mastery toward Writing narrative Text Ability

3.  The influence of Listening English Song toward Students' Listening Skill

4. The Analysis of Using Lexical Cohesion on the Abstract of Undergraduate Thesis

5. Developing the Students Ability in Writing Recount Text Through Guiding Questions Technique

6.   An Analysis of Semiotics on the Students' Making Speech Acts

7.  Increasing Students' Vocabulary mastery through Jigsaw Type of Cooperative Learning

8. Empowering the Students'  Simple Past Tense Mastery on Analyzing Text by Using Tree Diagram

9. Using Suggestopedia Method in Learning for the Fifth Class Students

10. Increasing the Students listening Ability through the Effectiveness of Using Tape Recorder and Live Speaker

11. A Study on the Interference of native Language Vowels Pronunciation towards the Pronunciation of English Vowels

12. An Analysis on the Students' Reading Ability in Getting Conclusion from Argumentative Paragraph

13.  The Influence of Using Direct method toward English Learning Achievement

14. The Influence of Different Phonology between Indonesian and English toward Speaking Competence

15.  An Analysis of Students' Mastery in Analyzing Clauses and Phrases in A text o

16. The Correlation Between The Mastery Of Sentence Patterns and the Achievement on the Reading Comprehension

17.  The correlation between Students' Learning Style and Their English Proficiency

18. The Influence of Using Suggestopedia Method toward the Students Vocabulary

19. The Students' Ability In Using Contextual Guessing Technique In Reading Comprehension

20. The Implementing of Drama Techniques to Increase Students' Speaking Ability

21. The Influence of Total Physical response (TPR) in English for Children toward the Motivation Metro

22. The Influence of Audio Lingual Method and Communicative Language Teaching Method through Students' Speaking Ability

23. The Correlation between Semantics Understanding and Reading Comprehension

24. The Correlation between Environment and Reading Habit

25.  Implementing the Suggestopedia Method to Increase Students' English Learning

26. The Effectiveness of Picture Story and Word search Puzzle Game toward Vocabulary Mastery

27. The Students' Ability in Identifying Independent and Dependent  Clause in English Paragraph

28.  Implementing Brain's Patterning Strategies to Increase Reading Comprehension

29. The Implementation of Concept Mapping to Increase the Students' Writing recount text Ability

30. The Influence of Using Quantum Learning Method in Increasing the Students performance in Reading Comprehension

31. An Analysis on the Students' Ability in Mastering and Using Plural

32. The Differences between Suggestopedia Method and Silent Way to Increase the Students' Vocabulary Mastery

33. The Influence of Poetry toward the Students' Grammar

34. The Strength and Weakness of Discussion method toward the Students' Speaking Ability

35.   The Implementation of Learning Method to Improve Students' English Skill in

36.   Increasing Students' English Achievement through Making Wall Magazine Activity

37. The Influence of Using Songs Method on Students Listening Ability

38.  The Analysis of Study process Conversation toward Speaking and Writing Ability

39. Increasing the Students' Speaking Competence through the Implementation of Communicative language Teaching method

40. The Correlation between Students' Reading Context Comprehension and Their Reading Comprehension

41.  Increasing Students' Paragraph Writing Performance through Scaffolding Strategy

42. Syntactical Interference in Indonesian-English Translation

43.   Improving Students' Speaking Ability through Jigsaw Technique at the First Year of xxxx in Academic Year 2021

44.   Increasing the Students' Mastery in Using Relative Pronoun in Adjective Clause through Grammar Translation Method at the Fifth Semester of English Department of xxx(Classroom Action Research)

45.   Increasing the Students' Passive Voice Mastery through the Contextual Teaching Learning (CTL) at the Ninth Grade of State Junior High School 

46.   The Comparison of Using Skimming and SQ4R Technique Toward Reading Comprehension at the Second Semester of the Tenth Grade at Senior High School xxx in Academic year of 2021

47.  Implementation of Small Group Discussion to Increase English Learning Achievement at  the Eighth Graders of xxxx

48.  Error Analysis in Writing Performance among the Fourth Semester of English Department

49.   Efforts to Improve Speaking Skill through Know What to Know Learning (KWL) Teaching Technique Among the Class IX Students of xxx

50. The Correlation between English Vocabulary Mastery toward Classroom Writing performance in xxxx in  Academic Year 2021 

51.  The Analysis on Translation of Indonesian History Found in Senior High School Textbook

52.  Increasing the Students' Grammar Ability through Board game techniques at  the Seventh Grade of Senior  High school xxx in the Academic Year of 2021

53.   Using the Communication Approach to Improve Writing Ability of the Fifth Graders of SD N 5 metro in academic Year of 2021

54.   Implementation of Education Game base on Computer to Increase the Students' Learning 1Achievement at the Third Grade of xxxx in the Academic Year of 2021

55.  Analysis of Students' Reading Purpose among the Third Semester Students of English Education Study program of xxxxx in the Academic Year of 2021

56.   The Influence of Punctuation Mastery toward Writing Ability in the Seventh Grade x in xxxAcademic Year 2010/2011

57.    Increasing the Students' Speaking performance through Jigsaw technique at the Second Year of xxx

58.  An Error Analysis on the Use of Simple Present tense in Writing Descriptive Text at the Tenth Year Atudents of xxxx in the Academic Year 2021

59.   The Influences of Affixes Mastery toward the Students' Writing Ability of the Fifth semester Students of English Department of State Islamic College in the Academic Year 2021

60.  The Influence of Intensive Conversation toward Speaking Ability at the Eleventh Grade of Senior High School of xxxxx in the Academic Year 2021

61. The Influence of Applying Interactive Reading technique towards Reading Comprehension at the Eight Grade of xxxx

62.  The Use of Puppets for English Young Learners of xxxx 

63. The Influence of Using Audio Visual Media toward Students Pronunciation Word in Elementary School

64.  The Influence of Using Descriptive Text Toward Students' Simple Tense Mastery among the Students of xxxx

65.   An Error Analysis on the Use of Simple Past Tense in Writing Narrative Text at the Eleventh Grade of Senior High School  in the Academic Year of 2021

66.  The Influence of Using Thnk-Pair Share toward Speaking performance among the tenth Graders of xxx

67.  An Analysis of English Learning Management for Senior High School 2 Metro in Academic Year of 2021

68. The Influence of Using Quantum Learning Method toward English Learning Achievement at the Eleventh Grade of Senior High School xxx

69. The Correlation between text Analyzing Performance, Syntax Understanding and Reading Comprehension among the Fifth Semester Students of English Education Program of State Islamic College of Jxxxx in Academic Year of 2021

70. The Influence Creative Play toward Child for the Developing Studying English Ability in the Kindergarten in xxx in Academic Years 2021