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The title of the thesis in English

 The title of the thesis of English spoken utterances in javanese language and batak "

"the effects of using a tape recorder technique on the students ' achievement in vocabulary".

"the kindergarten students ' expressing ability in parts of the human body based on pictures".

"semiotic analysis on the students ' speech based on gender."

"the correlation between parents educational background with students 'ability in mastering english vocabulary".

"the correlation between parents' educational background with students 'ability in mastering english vocabulary"

the primary students 'ability in writing new words

"the effects ofusing media (picture) to the primary students 'achievement in teaching vocabulary"

"english and mandailing demonstratives and pronoun"

Students 'Problem In Forming An English Sentence Based On The Maxim Of Quality And Maxim Of Quantity

The effect ofaudio-lingual methodon the students 'achievement inlearningis a pluralnoun.

students 'ability in identifying independent and dependent clauses clauses in sentences

"an analysis on the politeness in English your adress system".

"ananalysis on the students 'ability inWadi english sentence classification".


"Adjectives in English Language and Wither".

"The Students 'Ability in Using Perfect Continuous Tense".

The Correlation Between Using Words Category Method And Students 'Achievement In Learning Vocabulary.

Students 'Speaking Competence By Using Communication Through Design

Thestudents 'difficulties indistinguishing between phrases And adverbialen preposition 

 "AnAnalysison theUse of Sentenceson the Textofthe playAntigone"'.

"The Elementary Students 'Problemin Differen tiating the Use of Auxiliary Verb Do-Doesin the Negative Sentences"